The Baby Pact

What the Critics Say

“Jamie O’Leary looks like she has it all as a single girl:  she’s pretty, she’s popular, she runs, she kayaks, she skis—she’s in tip-top shape, physically, and she works as a freelance journalist. But as her fortieth birthday approaches, Jamie faces a distinctly modern dilemma:  should she sprint toward motherhood?

This exhilarating, eye-opening, heartrending journey through the jungle of procreative choices available to women today will entertain any reader.  The novel is beautifully crafted to include plenty of physical adventures in the Southwest landscape. King delivers a taut, contemporary tale about a woman who dares to create her own happy ending.”

—Lois Gilbert, author of River of Summer, Without Mercy, Returning to Taos, and Lost in the Gila.

With crackerjack writing experience ranging from scientific journals to national magazines to travel guides, Lesley S. King has produced in her saucy first novel an MRI of human relationships. It’s a walking tour of the human heart. It’s a five-star read. It’s delicious.”

—Robert Mayer, author of The Dreams of Ada and Danse Macabre

At times rollicking, at others poignant, The Baby Pact speaks to an essential dilemma with which many women struggle: the longing for motherhood, and the longing to be our authentic selves. For some this is one in the same, but for others it isn’t. Lesley S. King’s depiction of Jaime’s quest to balance these two worthy goals is pitch-perfect. King has a true gift for feeling and expressing emotional truths, and her storytelling will have you racing breathlessly to the final page.”

—Ashley Biggers, Author for Frommer’s Travel Guides, Former Assistant Editor and Book Editor, New Mexico Magazine

Lesley S. King’s characters carry the myth of the individualist/loner in the American Southwest, the place where people end up on their journey to self-discovery. In The Baby Pact, you can feel and smell and hear the desert. That sensuality not only works in the love scenes, it works with sky and earth and river-runs, and treks through Copper Canyon.” 

—Sarah Lovett, New York Times Best Selling Author of Dante’s Inferno and forthcoming Dark Alchemy

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